Menu 2019

2019 Winter Menu

New exciting menu items. If you don’t feel like crafting your own, we already crafted some amazing dishes

( Triangle location only)

-Shepherd’s Salad

-Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

-Garlic pita bread

-Sesame pita bread

- Butter shrimp casserole

-Lamb Kibbeh Platter

-Greek Moussakka

-Slow cooked oldworld beef stew

-Wild caught salmon

-Vegetable chicken stew

-Mix kebap platter

-Lamb shank

İçli Köfte (Lamb Kıbbeh)


Lentil Soup


Truffle Feta Fries


Hummus & Pita Chips


Lahmacun Turkish Pizza

[1] $4.50 [3] $12

Pita Pocket


1 Protein + 1 Mezze +2 Dressings
(unlimited toppings)



1 Protein + 1 Mezze +2 Dressings
(unlimited toppings)



1 Protein + 2 Mezze +2 Dressings
(unlimited toppings)

Crazy Grain


1 Protein + 2 Mezze +2 Dressings
(unlimited toppings)

White Rice


1 Protein + 2 Mezze +2 Dressings
(unlimited toppings)

Beef & Lamb Doner

Marinated Beef & Lamb hand-stacked on a vertical rotisserie and roasted – Served thinly sliced

Chicken Shish Kabob

Grilled and Marinated Breast and Thigh

Kofte Meatballs

Traditional Turkish Beef & Lamb Patties


Seasonal Vegetables tossed with herbs and slow roasted

Slow-Cooked Lamb

Slowly Braised Lamb with Vegetables

Seasonal Roasted Vegetables

Lamb Adana Kebap


[ Extra Falafel +$0.85 ][ Extra Chicken +$2.00][ Extra Döner +$3.00][ Köfte Meatball Each +$1.00 ][ Adana Extra +$5.00 ]

Traditional Hummus

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Black Eyed Peas

Spicy Tabouli

Roasted Carrot Yogurt


Ezme / Turkish Salsa

Zucchini , Walnut & Dill Yogurt

[ Add Housemade Pita +$1.25 ][ Extra Mezze +$1.85 ]

Sumac Onion with Parsley

Crumbled Feta Cheese

Shredded Carrot

Cherry Tomato



Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Diced Green Onion

Lemon Wedge

Pickled Red Cabbage

Pitted Kalamata Olives


Spicy Harissa

Lemon Tahini

Buttery House Sauce

Mint Garlic Yogurt

Olive Oil Balsamic Vinaigrette

Maine Root Fountain Soda

Drip Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Tea

Numi Tea

Kid’s Milk

Chocolate Milk

Stil Water

Kaz Sparkling Mineral Water

Diet Coke

Mexican Bottle Coke