Moody Ugur | MezzeMe Mediterranean Kitchen | Austin, TX

Founder Mahmud Ugur’s passion for food began in his Grandmother’s kitchen. She didn’t know he was sneaking “appetizers” before each meal, but this early taste testing led to hours of his own culinary experimentation. Growing up in Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea, he fell in love with fresh ingredients. He taught himself his family’s old-world recipes using hand-picked vegetables from the family garden and fresh produce from town.

Mahmud began entertaining friends and family, and when he moved to Austin to attend college, his passion for sharing these recipes grew. Entering the restaurant business was a calling. And like in his Grandmother’s kitchen, Mahmud didn’t want to wait, and now, you don’t have to. Mahmud brings his love of flavor and family together so you can enjoy a seat at the table with quick, easy to order food that provides the fresh and exciting taste of those early recipes. And true to his beginnings, he chose the name Mezzeme, which means “My Appetizer.”